Alpheios Tips

Alpheios lookups have been enabled on the text in the Search Hit detail. To lookup word from a search result, click on the hit, then double-click on a Latin word in the displayed passage. You can also use the Alpheios toolbar to lookup any word.

Corpus Search Tips

The details of how to search the data in the Latin Lemmatized Text Corpus are provided below.

See the Page Guide for help on the general search features of the Blacklab platform.

Searchable Token Attributes

Attribute Description Example
word The text of a word. mare
lemma The text of the lemma of a word. mas
pos The part of speech of a word, as encoded per the details provided below. NOM
msd The morphological features of a word, as encoded via the CONLL-U format of Universal Dependencies Morphological Features tagset. Case=Nom|Numb=Sing
ref The passage reference in which a word is found. 86
in The reference type of the parent citable passage line

Part of Speech Attribute Values

Tag French English UD POS Example
ADJadv.mul Numéral Adverbial Multiplicatif Multiplicative numeral adverbial ADV quadragies
ADJadv.ord Numéral Adverbial Ordinal Ordinal numeral adverb ADV secundo
ADJcar Numéral Cardinal Cardinal NUM decem, ducenti, duo
ADJdis Numéral Distributif Distributive numeral ADJ tricenus, trinus, uicenus, undenus
ADJmul Numéral Multiplicatif Multiplicative numeral ADJ septemplex, simplex, triplex
ADJord Numéral Ordinal Ordinal numeral ADJ octogesimus, primus, prior
ADJqua Adjectif qualificatif Adjective ADJ
ADV Adverbe Adverb ADV
ADVint Adverbe interrogatif Interogative Adverb ADV an, anne, cuicuimodi2
ADVint.neg Adverbe interrogatif négatif Negative Interrogative Adverb ADV necne, nonne, quidni
ADVneg Adverbe négatif Negative Adverb ADV haud, ne3, nec1
ADVrel Adverbe relatif Relative Adverb ADV proquam, prout
CONcoo Conjonction de coordination Coordinating conjunction CCONJ
CONsub Conjonction de subordination Subordinating conjunction SCONJ
INJ Interjection Interjection INTJ
NOMcom Nom commun Noun NOUN
NOMpro Nom propre Proper Noun PROPN
OUT Non-Géré Out X
PRE Préposition Preposition ADP
PROdem Pronom démonstratif Demonstrative Pronoun PRON hic, idem, ille
PROind Pronom indéfini Indefinite Pronoun PRON aliquantus, aliquis, aliquot, alis, alius, alter
PROint Pronom interrogatif Interrogative Pronoun PRON cuias, cuius, ecquis
PROper Pronom personnel Personal Pronoun PRON ego, nos, tu, uos
PROpos Pronom possessif Possessive Pronoun PRON mei, meus, noster
PROpos.ref Pronom possessif réfléchi Relfexive Possessive Pronoun PRON Sui, suus
PROref Pronom réfléchi Reflexive Pronoun PRON sepse, sui
PROrel Pronom relatif Relative Pronoun PRON cuius, qualis, qualiscumque
PUNC Ponctuation Punctuation PUNCT
VER Verbe Verb VERB
VERaux Verbe auxiliaire Auxiliary Verb AUX
FOR Termes étrangers Foreign words X

Corpus Metadata Filters

Filter Description Example
Author The author of a work. Caesar
Title The title of a work. De Bello Civile
Doc id The identifier of the edition. urn:cts:latinLit:phi0448.phi002.perseus-lat2
Input file The path to the source file /xml/urn:cts:latinLit:phi0448.phi002.perseus-lat2.xml